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Air Drain Cleaner

Air Drain Cleaner

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Stop using a plunger to unclog your toilet!

That 150-year-old invention isn’t designed for modern toilets. And don’t even consider using a drain cleaner - those do more harm than good for your toilet.

We’ve finally tackled this problem and created the ultimate solution for all your clogging problems.

Introducing the first high-pressure air pump plunger now available in the US

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  • Insert & Seal

    Place the Plunge ForceX in the blocked drain, using the stainless steel drum and visual barometer to create a secure seal.

  • Pump & Pressurize

    Pump the device to build-up high-pressure air, following the real-time barometer for accurate pressurization.

  • Release & Unclog

    Press the button to release the compressed air, swiftly clearing blockages and ensuring a fast, efficient unclogging process.

Plunge Smarter, Not Harder!

Say goodbye to drain problems with the Air Drain Cleaner! Thanks to its powerful suction and high pressure, you’ll unclog any blockage in seconds!

Drain Cleaner

A revolutionary plunger designed to tackle stubborn clogs with ease. Developed by a skilled plumber, this innovative tool provides powerful suction and pressure to unclog toilets, sinks, and drains, eliminating the need for harmful chemical drainers.

With its ergonomic design and high-speed airflow, PlungeForceX effortlessly clears blockages caused by hair, cloth, tea, grease, and more.

Advanced Technology for Effortless Unclogging

What makes the Air Drain Cleaner stand out is its high-pressure pneumatic technology. With four interchangeable heads, it adapts to various drain types, ensuring a quick and hassle-free unclogging process. The stainless steel drum and visual barometer provide a secure seal and precise pressurization for unparalleled performance.

Versatile Solution for Every Drain

The Air Drain Cleaner is your go-to for clogs throughout your home. From toilet drains to kitchen sinks, it handles hair, cloth, tea, leaves, grease, and more. Say goodbye to calling a plumber for every clog – equip yourself with the Drain Cleaner and experience the convenience of a single, powerful tool that keeps every drain clear.

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  • 1x Cordless Chainsaw
  • 1x Charger
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  • 2x Battery

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