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High Pressure Washer Gun

High Pressure Washer Gun

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THE BEST WAY to clean any surface effectively and quickly!

Say goodbye tobulky irrigation hoses,irregular jets,andstubborn stainsthanks to the efficiency and versatility of the new Itoolmarket™.70% of peoplespend more than2h a week cleaningtheir car, motorcycle, or patio! Let's simplify our weekends with this revolutionary tool!

Save time with  Itoolmarket™

High performance, very low consumption:The motor of the Itoolmarket  is designed to give you the best possible performance. Perfect water pressure with minimal consumption!The wireless design allows users to use it outdoors, without having a power source nearby. Thanks to the highly professional technology of this pressure washer, you can achieve maximum results with just one bucket of water.

Itoolmarket™ - Water your plants, clean your patio, and more!

From washing cars tomotorcycles, from cleaning tiles to irrigation systems, but not only that. The HydroSpray™ is a tool that has surpassed the competition by outperforming conventional detergents. Need to water your garden, shine upyour vehicle or clean your windows? The HydroSpray is the ultimate tool for you, all in one convenient universal kit!

3 Attachments are included in the package:

  • Straight nozzle: For washing stubborn stains (floor, terrace, car, motorcycle, etc.).
  • Spray nozzle: For large surfaces (sinks, pours, etc.)
  • Soap can: foam for cleaning all surfaces.

A superior battery

Thanks to its 21V lithium battery, you can take Itoolmarket™anywhere and get a high-pressure spray anytime! It runs on a battery that lasts 2.5 to 3hours depending on use.